Our Story


Bossa Nova is a family-owned business. When deciding to open a business, we wanted to make something we love for the people we care about.

Our family has over 30 years combined in serving coffee and sandwiches to communities in both coasts and the Midwest. We realize that coffee is the thing we love to make.

When we moved from San Francisco to the Champaign-Urbana area three years ago, we found a welcoming and inspiring community filled with genuine people and we realized that these are the people we would love to serve.

We chose our name to signify the uniqueness of our products and the atmosphere we would like to create in the café. Bossa Nova translates to new wave or new trend in Portuguese. We hope to bring a new trend in coffee to downtown Champaign. We take pride in making every cup of coffee to order using a unique hybrid pour-over/drip method using freshly ground quality beans. Bossa also translates to kiss in Arabic. We wish to create a warm and joyful atmosphere to everyone who walks through our doors. As if we greet them with a Bossa!

The Bossa Nova Promise to Our Customers is:


  • Quality: We promise to only use quality ingredients for all our beverages and foods. Our

beans are locally roasted and consciously sourced from small farms all over the world.
Our meats, bread, and cheeses are freshly sliced every day.


  • Community: We believe that it takes a village to open a successful business within a

community. We heavily rely on local providers to bring our drinks and foods to you.
Everything from our coffee beans to our sandwich meats, breads, pastries, and produce
are locally sourced and prepared. We have intentionally created space in our café to host
and support local artists because we strongly believe that art is at the heart of every


  • Passion: We promise to remain passionate about everything we do, every day we do it!

Every generation in our family, from the youngest to oldest, has experience with and a
love towards coffee-making. That’s why when we discovered a new way of making
coffee that wasn’t available in Champaign-Urbana, we decided that we had to share
something that we are so passionate about with the community that we love!

Our Acai Story


We are so proud to offer fresh and delicious acai bowls to the Champaign-Urbana community!


Our acai story started with one word we believe in the most: partnerships


Since we opened our doors, we welcomed collaborations with other local businesses and non-profit organizations and packed our menu with locally sourced meats, bread and produce. Since our inception, we’ve supported local vendors and organizations such as Old-Time Meat & Deli, Paige Roasting Company, Columbia Roastery, Smelly Elle, Central Illinois Produce, Central Illinois Bakehouse, Sidney Dairy Barn, 40 North | 88 West, Children’s Orpheum Museum, the Champaign Center Partnership and That’s What She Said event. Even before our doors opened, we partnered with local companies like Clanin Marketing, UpClose Printing, and Dean’s Graphics for our marketing and branding needs. We’re passionate about not only helping others succeed but growing and feeling like a part of this incredible fabric we know as the C-U community.


Our acai menu was unveiled to the community in Spring 2019 through a collaboration with a young entrepreneur in our community starting their own business who helped introduce acai to Bossa Nova. As collaborators, we finalized Bossa Nova’s new menu and after approval from the City of Champaign, officially announced this exciting new Bossa Nova product and collaboration to the community. Several months after our collaboration, and before the conclusion of our good-faith agreement, the young entrepreneur decided to leave Bossa Nova to focus on growing their own business and we wish them the best of luck! While we lost one of our collaborators, we’re proud to continue to offer and serve acai at our café and look forward to sharing with you exciting new menu additions and acai combinations.


Here’s to supporting locally owned businesses and organizations – cheers!